Triple "D" Filling Machines

John Hunt can supply a range of quality bakery machinery to assist in meeting your production requirements. From Pastry Rollers and Dough Depositors to Automatic Fillers and Mixers. Feel free to contact us should you need more information.

Automatic filling machines have become a large contributor to the modern day bakery, assisting in the increasing of production as well as stock control of product filling. These high quality fillers specially selected by John Hunt have small footprints as well as being very versatile. We can supply fillers to assist in the production of the vast majority of products. These depositors can be used alongside our automatic pie machines to improve production further and streamline the process.

The Triple 'D' Depositor,


is probably the most versatile system on today's market. Fitted with our standard rotary PC nozzle that permits operators to be clean and efficient with the production of products that encompass a range of batters, chunky fillings and liquids.

Comprising the following design features

  • Triple D (700 series) depositor with 3” product cylinder and piston (68 grams to 728.)

  • Large conical stainless steel hopper - 60 litre capacity

  • Depositing table – removable & fully height adjustable

  • PC depositing nozzle with 25mm (1 inch ) diameter opening

  • Power lift/drop down stand

  • Fully mobile heavy duty all stainless steel construction with 4” locking stainless steel swivel castors

  • Foot operated starter switch (press to get one or hold for multiple shots)

  • Includes easy fill power lift feature

Technical features:

  • Speed:3000 – 6000 deposits/hr

  • Power: Air only 80 PSI @ 3 – 5 CFM

  • Volume: 5g to 728g

  • Particle size: up to 1 cubic inch

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