Scotch Pie Machine Systems

The Little Champion Scotch Pie Machine (Manual)

Ideal for products up to 100mm diameter (4”)

 Standard sizes 3.3/4” x 1.7/16” (95 x 38 mm)

                            2.3/4” x 1.7/16” 69 x 38 mm)

                       Other sizes by quotation

The finished pie measures approximately 7 mm (1/4”) less
in diameter than the die size.
200 - 240 shells per hour.
Forming die and base are both electrically heated and  independently controlled by digital thermostats.
Compressed air release system ensures smooth operation and easy release (optional extra).
Die equipment is easily interchanged for different shapes and sizes (Please mention that the machine is a Little Champion “Scotch” when ordering extra equipment).
Paint free surfaces.

All castings are electroless nickel plated.

Simple to operate and supported by Hunts legendary reliability and spares back up.
Over 100 years of experience in manufacturing all types of pie machines and exporting worldwide.

Specification subject to change

The AM300 RT Scotch Pie Machine

The AM300 RT Scotch pie machine, 2 station, is a very sophisticated machine. Within the control system there is a PLC (programmable logic controller) which allows fine tuning of a large number of the facilities on this unit. The indexing table allows the operator to load and unload the machine during the forming operation, thereby considerably increasing the throughput. Speed of rotation can be adjusted according to the size and type of the product being produced.
The use of pneumatic power gives very fast movements, whilst the hydraulics give the gentle squeezing action that is essential for quality pastry products.
The machine requires a continuous 6 bar compressed air supply (clean and dry). 

Up to 1000 shells per hour with double headed dies. Large weight range.
Custom dies available up to 280mm diameter.

Control over the timing and the air cylinders used to raise the scotch pies for easy removal Thermostatically controlled heating system, with dual set point control.
Die equipment is made from stainless steel, phosphor bronze and working parts are hard chrome plated. Stainless steel mesh guard.

What is a Scotch Pie?

A Scotch pie or mutton pie is a small, double-crust meat pie filled with minced mutton or other meat. It may also be known as a shell pie to differentiate it from other varieties of savoury pie, such as the steak piesteak and kidney pie, steak-and-tattie (potato) pie, and so forth.

The Scotch pie is believed to originate in Scotland, but can be found in other parts of the United Kingdom, and is widely sold all over Canada

The traditional filling of mutton is often highly spiced with pepper and other ingredients and is placed inside a shell of hot water crust pastry. An individual piemaker's precise recipe, including the types and quantities of spice used, is usually kept a close secret, for fear of imitations. It is baked in a round, straight-sided tin, about 8 cm in diameter and 4 cm high, and the top "crust" (which is soft) is placed about 1 cm lower than the rim to make a space for adding accompaniments such as mashed potatoesbaked beansbrown saucegravy or an egg.

The hard crust of the pie enables it to be eaten by hand with no wrapping. Typically there is a round hole of about 7.5mm in the centre of the top crust.

Why Does This Effect The Pressing Process?

In normal circumstances, pastry or dough when pressed using a pie machine is pressed to a container whether it be Tin, Foil or Paper, etc. The Scotch Pie Systems allow pastry to be pressed with no container!

It does this by utilising a top heated die as well as a heated base, both have independently controlled temperatures using our Simmerstats. These pie machines allow for the pastry to be pressed within the base and then easily removed using the sliding track system (or base ejection system on the semi-automatic machine) which raises the pressed pastry out of the base die. During the pressing action the pastry is effectively "par-barked" which allows the shell to stand under its own weight, over a short period of time the pastry will become more rigid.

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