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Ex-Bakery Sales

John Hunt Pie Machines are often asked for "dies to go" or ex-bakery equipment and of course over our 140+ years we have amassed a large amount of equipment that is in a variety of conditions. 

We know our presence on the second hand market is massive! finding John Hunt on Ebay and other auction sites is now common place, we even have a number of imitators. We have never shied away from this and in our experience all the equipment ends up at our factory at some point anyway. In most cases sellers not knowing exactly what they are selling and buyers the same, causes upset on both sides. Remember we are happy to advise on exactly what is being sold, simply send us the link and we will tell you everything we can to help you make the right purchase. In most cases "refurbished" machines sold elsewhere are painted and greased at best and will not guarantee any accuracy or consistency, always view the machine you are about to purchase. Die sets need to have the corresponding container and this must be exact (more difficult with foils and disposable containers).

We have a number of approved agents operating on these platforms that use original equipment parts and work closely with us to ensure your getting the right equipment.

Use the form below to detail what your looking for, ask any questions or send us a link.

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