The 8 Station Automatic

The Hunt 8 Station semi automatic pie machine represents all that is best in modern innovative design. It is built with Hunt's legendary attention to quality and hygiene and offers the added advantage of having 8 stations (5 of which are permanently outside the guard) as opposed to its competitors' 6 stations. This means that the operator has 65% more time to load and unload the table without reducing the overall potential production rate of 1800 - 2400 pieces per hour.

The die equipment is electrically heated and thermostatically controlled to ensure optimum working temperature and is fitted with air release to prevent distortion of the aluminium foil cases during the forming operation. New machines can utilize die equipment up to 6.75" in diameter.

As with all Hunt machines, top priority has been given to ensuring ease of cleaning and safety or the operator. These machines have earned the CE mark, indicating that definitive EEC safety standards have been met or exceeded.

Additional facilities include :

Variable speed control. Allows you to speed up or slow down the machine according to the size or type of product being manufactured. Also this facility is necessary if you want to link pastry dividing and /or product depositing.
Cam operated container ejection system (aids easy removal of the containers by the operator).
PLC control enables other features such as pastry dividing etc to be linked to the machine. Ask for details. 

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8 Station Swiss
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8 Station Switzerland 1
Fruit Tart
Steak Pie