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Refurbished Machines

Stock levels change all the time. All machines undergo a rigarous testing. New or reconditioned parts are fitted as required. Where replacement parts are required only John Hunt approved parts are used. The machine comes with a 6 month warranty.

Images of the actual machines will be added as they become available otherwise a stock image will appear.

Lead times on these machines can vary significantly, if you need more information on a specific machine, please contact us.

Prices available upon application.

WhatsApp Image 2022-11-24 at 15.05_edited.jpg
Inked20Qt Mixer_edited.jpg
30QT Mixer_edited_edited.jpg

Before                      After

  JH 20 QT Mixer

  JH 30 QT Mixer

 Little /Medium Champion 

AL400 (Refurbished)


Picture 051_edited_edited.jpg

Conveyor Pastry Roller                  (Rebuilt)


20" Hand Pastry Roller

AM300 RT 1_edited.jpg

AM300 RT (Refurbished)

Customers looking for Second Hand/Rebuilt Little Champion Pie Machines

If you are looking on eBay (or similar) - you need the following information to prevent yourselves from ending up with a machine that may look the part but due to age and inevitable wear will not give satisfactory results.

Excess play in vital parts of the machine will result in an unsatisfactory product.

The most important question is - Is there "play" (or movement) in the main shaft. To determine this

you need to pull the main lever handle so that the die holder is in the 'down' position. Then, get hold of the die holder and see if there is any movement. If for instance there is 1.5 mm movement when the forming die comes into contact with the pastry - it will be deflected by 1.5 mm. So if you require 3 mm

pastry on the sidewalls of your product - this deflection will give you 4.5 mm on one side and 1.5 mm 

on the other. There is nothing that the customer can do to prevent this.

If we were selling a rebuilt machine - we would re-bore the main bearing unit and match it with an oversize shaft to remove this "play".

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