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This family run company has been established for over 100 years supplying bakery equipment in the UK and across the globe. We specialise in the manufacture of pie, flan and tart machines ranging from the simple hand operated "Little Champion", to sophisticated machines with PLC control systems. Our machines are built to last! The accent is on reliability, flexibility, safety and ease of use and our reputation is your guarantee. In co-operation with our customers we continually strive to develop innovative solutions to the industries demands for new and "different" products. As well as specialised die equipment for our own range of machines, we offer a similar service for Crypto Peerless Omatic Standard, Minor and Handamatic Machines.The Company 'John Hunt' dates back to mid Victoria times. It was a thriving business in 1870 when the first adverts appeared in local papers. The company has always been involved in supplying companies in the Bakery and Food Processing Industry, both large and small.It continues to be a family owned and run concern with the fourth generation actively involved in the business. We are still based on the site of the original factory. This has been enlarged and equipped with the latest standard and Computer Numerically Controlled machine tools and equipment. Modest buildings, long service extremely versatile staff, excellent equipment and relatively low overheads have kept our prices keen, whilst enabling us to develop new machines that meet changing market conditions and requirements.New innovations such as the world wide web (www) have been grasped with enthusiasm. That and a policy of specialising in products where we have unique strengths and technical abilities have enabled us to develop machines that have uses in most countries of the world. Our internet sales have gone from strength to strength.You are welcome to visit our UK factory and showroom where you can see our machines in operation as well as other leading bakery equipment. There are also videos of the equipment in action in the Gallery Section of the web site.

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