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The Medium Champion

LC/MC set up

LC/MC set up

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The Champion range of machines is completely hand operated (little and medium sizes) and can produce up to 400 shells per hour depending on diameter and depth. Higher capacities can be met with semi automatic machines from the John Hunt range with capacities up to 2400 shell per hour. The hand operated machines are simple to use, so even completely unskilled staff can carry out blocking operations. Change over of dies, for different shapes or pie lids can be carried out quickly and also requires no skilled knowledge.

A wide variety of dies are available for use with hand operated or semi automatic machines. so that an infinite variety or shapes and sizes of pastry product or pie can be made. Electrically heated hot process dies are spring loaded to prevent "sticking" of containers in the blocking operation.

To improve the presentation of products and at the same time increase production we have designed a number of inexpensive but really useful facilities that can be added to the standard machines. 

1. Compressed air release system (requires inexpensive compressed air) The air

system fulfills two purposes. First it helps release the container. Secondly

(particularly with aluminium foil, card or paper containers) it prevents the underside

of the container being distorted through suction. It holds the base of the container

flat, which obviously improves the baking characteristics. 

2. Container ejection system. Again using compressed air the container is raised

from the base to make it easier to remove by the operator thereby increasing



3. Medium Champions can press products up to 300mm Diameter.


         Sizes from 30mm to 300mm (12”)

         Max Height:  3.750”

         Production rate:

         Under 200mm around 450pcs per hour

         Over 200mm around 300 pcs per hour



All in all, the Champions provide a range of cost effective, easy to use and highly versatile machines

Watch the videos of this machine in the Gallery above. Please 
contact us for full technical specifications arid price listings.

LC Blocking Die
Little Champion
LC Die Set
1935 - First Advert
LC French Disc
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