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Hand Raised Systems

Hand Raised Pork Pie by March House Farm Shop
What is a Hand Raised Pie?

Hand raised pies are made using one of the oldest and most traditional methods for producing a pie. Using a hot water crust pastry, these generally cold served pork pies pastry shells were formed by hand around a wooden "dolly". The "dolly" would then be removed, the pie would be filled, lidded and hand crimped before being baked freestanding (without a tin/mould/container) which allows the pie to gently sag and give it that hand raised look!

How does this change the machine process?
In the majority of cases our machines will press pastry to a form or container that the finished product will ultimately be baked in. With the Hand Raised System the pie is baked freestanding which means we need to be able to remove the finished product from its container/form before baking.

This is achieved by using heavy duty hoops made specifically for this application, allowing the pie to be formed inside the hoop and then knocked out when complete ready for baking.

The setup generally will adopt 2 hand presses, 1 will be designated to forming the base pastry and the second machine is used to lid the product - this allows for a constant flow of the 6 special made hoops and keeps production from being interrupted by unnecessary die changes or massive investment in large quantities of hoops.

The process can be seen in the following video:
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