The Auto Champion

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A machine based on tried and trusted components. The unique 7 station format enables a customer to use and control all the operations from the front of the machine making it very space friendly. The machine can be supplied with a pastry depositor and automatic filler. Or these units can be purchased separately and added to the machine at a later date. In other words the degree of automation can be adjusted to suit the needs of the client. 


It combines the best available technology in 3 vital areas - pastry dividing, filling/depositing and pastry forming. A powerful PLC controls the various operations. The 7 station configuration gives the operator the ability to reconfigure the machine depending on what type of product is being produced. The Auto Champion also utilizes a water spray system that improves the sealing of lids during the lidding operation.

The machine requires a constant 6 bar compressed air supply. The combination of hydraulics and pneumatics gives the best of both worlds. Hydraulics give the power and squeezing action essential for forming pastry - whilst pneumatics give the speed essential for modern production processes. All operations are controlled by a powerful Mitsubishi PLC, including diagnostics.

Capacity is 250 mm od. For smaller sizes twin headed dies are available up to 115 mm od. Speeds are variable depending on the size of product. Die changing is quick and easy. No more than 2 minutes. 


Pasties & Turnovers

The unique 7 station concept gives an enormous degree of flexibility. We are able to fit a special head on a spare station behind the guard which "flips" the two halves of the pasty/turnover die over, applies pressure to seal the product and cut off any surplus pastry in one quick movement. There are a range of standard shapes to choose from. Alternatively we have all the facilities to manufacture bespoke equipment to the customers requirements.