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Which Machine Is Right For Me?


Unsure "Where To Start?", Which machine is right for you?

Use the flowchart below to help find the perfect fit for your requirements.

If you are still unsure or have special requests feel free to contact us on: 01204 532 798 to discuss your requirements further.

Please Note : If you are viewing our mobile site, some information may not be visable.

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Please Note: The majority of machines can be fitted with double headed dies, allowing for double the production rates (diameter restrictions apply).

Machine Production Rates

               Machine                                      Max Diameter                        Production Rates  
       Little Champion                              30mm - 200mm                  400 Shells Per Hour
      Medium Champion                         30mm - 300mm                  300 Shells Per Hour

     8 Station Auto (Single)                   30mm - 170mm               800 - 2400 Shells Per Hour
     8 Station Auto (Double)                  50mm - 60mm                Up to 4000 Shells Per Hour
     Auto Champion (Single)               30mm - 250mm           900 Lidded Products Per Hour     
     Auto Champion (Double)                      125mm                    1700 Lidded Products Per Hour        

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