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HUNT ALPHA Champion Hydropneumatic Pie and Tart Machine

Specification :
- Integral controllable compressed release release system
- Thermostatic temperature control
- Completely paint free surfaces
- Up to 300 mm diameter capacity
- Non round shapes a speciality – increased longest side by arrangement
- Double headed dies for products up to 140 mm diameter
- Pneumatics allow a very rapid approach of the ram and quick return
- Pressure can be adjusted according to requirements
- PLC control system. Various voltages available
- Efficient guard system protects the operator
- Optional container ejection system lifts container for easy removal by
   the operator
- Very flexible. Can be used with aluminium foils, tins, hoops paper
   board etc
- Infinite range of die equipment to suit customers specific requirements.
- Can be bench mounted or mounted on stainless steel stand on castors
- Height 120 width 45 depth 70 cms
- Requires constant 6 bar compressed air supply


A very wide range of products can be produced. We have the experience and facilities to design the tooling to suit customers specific requirement

Watch the videos of this machine in the Gallery above. Please 
contact us for full technical specifications and price listings.

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