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Die Set

Die equipment is the description given to the tooling that forms the different shapes and sizes of pies (pastries, flans, tarts, etc) These can be designed and customised to meet your exact requirements, OR you can take a standard design.

They are manufactured in such a way that they are easy to fit on any given machines. To change from one size to another for any particular machine, should take less than two minutes. In most instances - considerably less.

There are two basic designs:

A 2 - piece die set. (Open Product) 

2 piece die equipment consists of a base that supports and locates the container (could be a tin, aluminium foil, paper container, hoop, etc) and a forming die. The forming die spreads the pastry and a cutting ring trims off any surplus pastry. 

A 3 - piece die set. (Lidded Product) 


3 piece die equipment consists of a base that supports and locates the container,

a forming die that spreads the pastry and a "lidding" attachment that compresses

the two layers of pastry together to form a seal and cuts off the surplus pastry in

one easy operation, this will also leave any desired crimp style across the formed

seal edge.

There are a whole range of options that help to customise the die equipment and

increase their efficiency.

View the video below to see how the machine and die equipment operate.

Die Sets

Die Sets

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Dies can be made for any requirements, from square to round in a vast range of diameters and depths, they have been produced to press biscuit bases for cheesecakes as well as a range of pastry recipes.

Our dies are made from cast iron & aluminium to the highest quality and have often been credited for their long life. Our reputation shows that there is no comparable die on the market.

John Hunt pie dies are available with or without air release, electrically heated or non heated.

In order to obtain an accurate quotation, it is recommended that you send us a sample tin or foil along with any specific details i.e. cut off points, no scrap, pastry thickness, crimp styles, etc. Once your quote is raised a 70% deposit is payable in order to start production with the balance due upon completion.

If you wish to obtain a quote for a die set, you can download a die set requirements form below, email this with any additional information you feel necessary to, from this we can draw up an estimated quotation. We will require sample tins/foils prior to production.



















If you are struggling with anything including completing the form then feel free to give us a call: 01204 532 798