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Frequently Asked Questions

John Hunt 8 Station Automatic Pie MAchine

Please find below some FAQ's. These may help answer some questions of your own, if your still unsure feel free to speak to one of our staff on 01204 532 798

I'm Just getting started. What machine is best for me?

We know it can be confusing looking at your first Pie Machine. Generally the three questions that need to be considered are: What diameter pie/tart are you looking to press? is it an "open" product like a flan or tart or a lidded product? also what sort of production levels per hour do you need? If you can answer these three questions then we can guide you to the best solution and work from there. As a starting point it is best to visit our "Where To Start?" page.

What else do I need?

You will need a set of dies manufactured to press the size of pie or tart that you want. Dies are bespoke and made to an individual tin or foil, we will need 5/6 sample foils in order to produce your die set. Visit Die Equipment page for more information.

Are Die Sets held in stock?

Because there is such a vast range of containers to choose from; Tins, aluminium foils, paper, hoops, board, etc it is not practicable to hold finished goods in stock. What we do have is a vast range of castings, some part machined. These can be finished to give the customer their exact requirements.

I would like to order some dies, whats the next step?

First of all you will need an accurate quotation. We need either samples of the containers you wish to use (approx 6 for foils/paper/board in a hard sided box to protect them) and /or photographs showing the size and shape of the container and the type of product to be produced (pie with a lid, open flan or tart, etc), we will still require sample containers should you wish to proceed with the order, this reduces the margin of error and also allows us to test them before leaving ensuring the warranty can begin. We will also need any specific information such as whether you require Air Release, a specific cut off diameter or pastry thickness. We will require a deposit against the manufacture of the dies due to their bespoke nature. Once we have the deposit, samples and information your order can be processed.

**PLEASE NOTE: If sending samples, you must include your contact information in order for us to correctly identify them.**

How are the dies heated?

Dies are electrically heated with a built in element as standard. If you do not require this please state upon placing your order as these will be added as standard. 

Do you supply Pie Foils?

John Hunt do not supply foils at this time, we can however direct you to some top suppliers: Pie Foils

Do you sell refurbished machines?

Yes! Please visit our Refurbished Machines page.

Can I see a machine in use?

Our showroom at Alma Works, Rasbottom Street, Bolton, BL3 5BZ is always available for viewing. Though its best to call ahead so there is no clash of appointments. In some cases it is possible to see a machine in use at one of our customers premises, with their approval of course. The many videos on our website show their operation in working bakery conditions.

Do you have any recipes?

At John Hunt we pride ourselves on helping you produce the best product you can. We do have a small number of recipes, these are generally posted in our forum page, where you can also ask our community of bakers and butchers for help too.

I have a Planetary Mixer, How do I know if its a John Hunt?

We know its frustrating when you cannot find the parts you need, even more so when your not certain who manufactured the machine your looking at. The truth is our machines last that long that its common for the logo or brand to wear away. you can follow the checklist below to establish if you have a John Hunt Machine:

1. There should be a JH symbol on the plug. (Not to be confused with "Hobarts" H symbol on theirs).

2. There is often a nameplate, normally found on the right hand side of the gearbox as you look at it.

3. Email a photograph to

What Size is my John Hunt Planetary Mixer?

More often than not, the size of the machine is detailed on the nameplate under Quartz Capacity, if this is not available:

Is it 3 or 4 speed? only the 80qt is 4 speed.

Is it a bench model? these are only available in 10qt & 15qt

Finally what is the inside diameter of the bowl?

285mm     -     15qt

320mm     -     20qt

360mm     -     30qt

455mm     -     60qt

510mm     -     80qt

If you require spare parts for planetary mixers then its probably best to call us on: 01204 532 798

I have a Pastry Roller, How do I know if its a John Hunt, and what size it is?

Identifying the size:

Measure the width of the Main Rollers - 18", 20", 24"

The Table Idle Roller - 16.5" = 18", 18.5" = 20", 22.5" = 24".

18" Rollers run on 63.5" Short Belts

20" & 24" Rollers have Short as above as well as 

                                        81.5" - Standard Belts

                                        124"  -  Long Belts

How do I measure my pastry thickness?

We need to know how thick you would like your pastry each time you press. 

Measure the thickness of the existing product in an unbaked state. Pastry rises under baking and does so in an inconsistent fashion due to the influence of; the individual recipe, how it is handled before baking, etc therefore we cannot possibly recreate a baked thickness with any degree of certainty. As such the ideal thickness should be established unbaked. We will always offer our experience and advice too! We need to be as accurate as possible, but if you are unsure, request a thickness slightly thinner than what you believe to be correct. We can make the finished pastry thicker after manufacture but unfortunately not thinner.

What are your payment terms?

All die orders are subject to a 70% deposit. This is the case for all customers due to the bespoke nature of the die equipment.

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