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The Aero Champion AM150

Aero Champion

AM150 demo

AM150 demo
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AM150 demo

AM150 demo

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AC 150 double cut-off

AC 150 double cut-off

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AeroChampion large die op

AeroChampion large die op

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The Aero Champion is the newest of the John Hunt pneumatic pie and tart machines and is available in single or 2 station formats. This machine brings several important and useful features at a breakthrough price.

It has been designed as an entry level machine, between the Little Champion and the AM300 range. This machine is not as powerful as the AM300 range but is ideal for products up to 220 mm diameter x 30 mm deep. Twin headed dies can be fitted up to 110 mm diameter. As well as thermostatic temperature control, compressed air release system it can also be fitted with our clever container ejection system. This lifts the container from the base to enable easy removal by the operator.




Completely paint free surfaces.

Up to 220 mm diameter capacity.

Double headed dies for products up to 110 mm diameter.

Pneumatics allow a very rapid approach of the ram and quick return stroke. Pressure can be varied according to requirements PLC control system.

Efficient guarding systems protects the operator.

Machine operation certified (CE) Either swinging guard or safe two hand control where both hands must be engaged simultaneously.

Thermostatic temperature control system.

Air release system can be controlled to give optimum release.

Optional container ejection system for easy removal of containers by the operator.

Very flexible. Can be used with foils, tins, hoops, paper/board containers etc.

Infinite range of die equipment to suit customers requirements


Ht 840 mm width 380 mm depth 600 mm.


Requires constant 6 bar compressed air supply.

Can be supplied with stainless steel stand on castors.

Twin headed die
Fruit Tart
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Steak Pie
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