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Ex-Bakery AL400

AL400 2014_edited.jpg

Ex-Bakery AL400

Sale Price :  £20,000.00 plus VAT

- Completely paint free surfaces
- Up to 330mm diameter (13") Capacity
- Double headed dies for products up to 140 mm diameter
- Mounted on stainless steel stand on castors
- Pneumatics allow a very rapid approach of the ram and
   quick return stroke. Adjustable hydraulics give the

   power. Pressure can be varied according to requirements

- The machine can be converted to take existing Crypto

   Peerless of Camwheat die equipment (ask for details)

- Efficient guarding system protects the operator

- Thermostatic temperature control System

- Air release system can be controlled to give optimum


- Very flexible can be used with foils, tins, hoops board and

   paper containers etc. Ideal for very large pies

- Infinite range of die equipment to suit customers


- Massive 5 tons pressure (adjustable) can be applied

- Ht 1800 mm, Width 750 mm, depth 820 mm

- Requires 6 bar constant compressed air supply


If you wish to obtain with any additional information of the machine, please contact or email us at

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