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HUNT PowerChampion AM 300RT Hydropneumatic Pie and Tart Machine with          Integral Compressed  Air Release and PLC Control System (REFURBISHED)


Completely paint free surfaces

Up to 300mm capacity


Double Headed dies for products up to 120mm diameter


Very rapid indexing table with pneumatic damping


Mounted on Stainless steel stand with castors. Integral shelving


PLC system enables you to control many machine functions including:


- Duration of air blast

- Power & duration of cut-off knife

- Dwell at bottom of stroke


Pneumatics allow a very rapid approach of the ram and quick return stroke. Adjustable hydraulics give the power. Pressure can be varied according to requirements.


The machine can be converted to take existing Crypto Peerless and Camwheat die equipment (ask for details)


Efficient guarding system protects the operator. Machine operation certified (CE) by independent certification body.


Thermostatic or Simmerstat temperature control system.


Rotary indexing table.


Ht 1800mm width 750mm depth 820mm Requires constant 6 bar compressed air supply

Capacity and production rate:

Sizes from 30mm to 300mm

Double Head up to 170mm without cut off and 160 mm with cut off

Production rate:

Single head around 600-900pcs per hour

Double head around 1100-1600 pcs per hour

AM300 RT 1_edited.jpg
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