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Bakery Equipment and Pie Machines from John Hunt Bolton

Welcome to the John Hunt web site, the specialist in bakery equipment. You can learn about John Hunt, find out how to contact us or view our products on-line. Feel free to look around the site by selecting the menus above. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, our friendly staff will do all they can to help you.

Find out more on our About Us page, whether you looking for new machines or even a refurbished model you will find everything right here.

How to Make the Perfect Pie

Pie Machines have evolved over the last 150 years or so, and we know because we were making them back then! Over time we have been able to harness new technologies to improve performance. From hand operated pie machines with production rates of up to and in excess of 400 per hour depending on size, right through to fully automated pie machines with rates around 2400 per hour we have something to suit every production environment, whilst maintaining our hard earned reputation for building really reliable, long lived machines across our whole range.


Pie making machines for beginners or companies with low-mid level production start with the John Hunt Little Champion, arguably the best quality hand pie press machine and the most useful available. Should you start to experience increased production requirements, our more automated range would be appropriate.

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